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Anonymous → "The One with the Secret Closet"


The One With The Secret Closet


Stiles knew that when he moved in with Derek, there’d be things he’d have to adjust to.  He already knew that Derek was really grumpy in the mornings, but now he knows that leaving coffee on the bedside table and cuddling back up with Derek gets him in a much better mood.  Derek rules Netflix and the DVR with an iron fist, and it’s only because they share similar tastes that Stiles hasn’t staged a revolt.  No one will ever know that they spend evenings watching Say Yes To The Dress.  No one.

Derek likes teaching Stiles how to cook, and doesn’t get frustrated when Stiles loses track of what he’s doing, just gently reminds Stiles that a pot is going to over boil, or that the meat might get burnt.  It’s comforting, and Stiles loves being in the kitchen with Derek, likes learning about the quirks Derek has while he cooks.

There’s all kinds of things Stiles has learnt about Derek since he moved in with him, but there’s one thing he doesn’t know about.  It’s a door.  A simple, ordinary door that allegedly leads to a closet.  But it’s a closet that Stiles doesn’t know anything about, something that Derek’s never told him about and Stiles is burning to know what’s inside it.

Stiles respects Derek’s boundaries, absolutely he does.  It’s why he hasn’t tried opening it by himself.  He wants Derek to trust him enough to tell him.

But, god, Stiles totally wants to know what’s in there.

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Anonymous → i dont know if youre still taking friends themed prompts but if you are then "the one where joey tells rachel" with sterek when phoebe says she met monicas soulmate and introduces them and makes chandler all jealous and worried


"Guys," Lydia ushers in a pretty, brunette woman and gestures to her, "I want you to meet Carla." She taps Derek on the shoulder and gives him an intense look, "She’s the friend I mentioned that enjoys cooking, too."

"Oh," Stiles jumps in, throwing his legs over Derek’s lap to prevent him from standing. "You like cooking? Wow, that’s… so unusual. I don’t know anyone else that likes cooking."

Derek smirks at him over his coffee cup, nods at Carla, “Nice to meet you.”

"Hi," Carla goes to sit down next to Derek, and Stiles wiggles his feet at her, gives her an apologetic look. "Okay," she says slowly, perching on the chair next to them instead. "I’d been hoping to run into Lydia again, actually," she looks at Derek, smiles winningly. "I ate at your restaurant last month."

"Oh no," Derek pulls a face, "We were terribly short staffed all through June, I’m so sorry."

"No, it was wonderful!" Carla touches his arm and Stiles eyeballs her hand so hard he thinks he pulls something. She doesn’t notice. Lydia does, however, and elbows him sharply. 

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"Sometimes it’s best to pretend the show ended before the series finale"

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It doesn’t even matter what the show is

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Queer as Folk season 3.

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